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Hey there!

I’m Pavel, a web developer currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I help people and companies build their projects by utilizing the web’s full potential.

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User interfaces at scale

I love building user interfaces that please the human eye and feel snappy. They’re almost like my second home! I like to approach building them long-term by paying extra attention to type safety, code quality and readability.

Taking care of everything

The user interface isn’t my only territory - I can navigate my way around on the server, too! Through my personal projects and professional positions, I have also worked with databases, REST APIs and the cloud.

Teaching and leadership

I’ve had the privilege to educate my colleagues about topics I’m passionate about, such as TypeScript. Apart from that, I’ve also taken up some lead positions, particularly in university and exam projects.

The big picture

Details are important, but sometimes it’s necessary to zoom out a little. From my own experience, taking the initiative to speak up or having the audacity to swap one tool for another can save tons of time, nerves, and coffee, of course.

Fitness at heart

That’s right. I’ve been doing sports essentially my whole life, but these days I practice mostly weighted calisthenics, weights and running.

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